The materials used for building railings, balconies and exterior siding, are made exclusively with aluminum covered by a 20-year warranty by the Contractor; This Warranty applies to any quality defect in the primary material (aluminum) resulting from a material manufacturing defect and/or design defect when the design is carried out by the Contractor.

It expressly excludes:

  1. All installation errors and all maintenance errors;
  2. Discolouration of materials due to weather conditions or ultraviolet rays;
  3. Glass railings;
  4. Fibreglass materials;
  5. Balcony seal joints;
  6. Manpower, including but not limited to moving and transport, uninstalling and reinstalling costs.

The Contractor offers a 5-year warranty on fibreglass balconies and stairs, except for structural fibreglass balconies for which the warranty is limited to only one (1) year. This warranty is applicable only for the materials and expressly excludes manpower costs.

No warranty will be applicable when fibreglass has been punctured or subjected to bad maintenance cares. The client agrees to regularly verify and ensure the maintenance of all seal joints to avoid any water infiltration and premature wear.

The client and all subsequent buyers agree to regularly verify and ensure the maintenance of all seal joints to avoid any water infiltration and premature wear.

No warranty will be applicable if the client has installed any kind of privacy screen, which might eventually cause damages and cracks in the seals and/or the fibreglass, notably through posts moving because of winds.

The client agrees to denounce, by writing to the Contractor, within a maximum delay of fifteen days (15) from the date a defect, a crack in the fibreglass, a breakage or damage of any nature that has been noticed. This denunciation must be made in written format and must be transmitted by registered mail to Les Aluminiums Williams Inc., 119 rue des Pins Ouest, in Saint-Alphonse-de-Granby, province of Québec, J0E 2A0,

In the implementation of this warranty, the Contractor does not agree to replace fibreglass balconies in their entirety.

The client recognizes that hardware parts and paint colours could differ from one part to another. Also, in the case of new parts provided under this warranty, the client recognizes that the colour of these parts and/or paint colours may differ from the ones already in their possession.

Furthermore, the client recognizes that any repairs made to the fibreglass may entail a difference in colour.

The client and all subsequent buyers must comply with the stated maintenance instructions detailed hereafter for this warranty to be applicable:

Under the terms of this warranty, the client agrees to inform all subsequent buyers, building owners and/or building users, about this warranty and its implementing rules and conditions, in order to ensure an adequate maintenance of the materials and work, and is responsible for its adequate disclosure.

There is no warranty covering glass materials.

The client or general contractor is responsible for readjusting slopes in case of normal building subsidence over the years. The client or general contractor must make sure that balconies have a slope of at least 1%.

No warranty is applicable in case of foundation frost heaves (stakes, sonotube, etc.)