Current Trends

Glass and Metal a Winning Combination

A refined style metal structure combined with the elegance and transparency of glass will give
your railings that extra special touch to truly enhance your property.

An Urban style Uniting with Nature

The Urban model offers a sophisticated look which has made it so popular in the market. Constructed with a 6063-T5 grade superior aluminum alloy, the Urban model can encase a glass surface and offer an endless horizon blending into your decor and also bar railings to better delineate your space.

A Breathtaking Panorama

The crystal-clear transparency of the Panorama model, with all its glamour, will showcase a spectacular view of your environment and your property as well. The refined style of the Panorama railing with a 12 mm clear tempered glass, polished on all sides, will show off the beauty of the surrounding landscape in all its subtlety.

All that is Modern at hand

Because it is both translucid and sturdy, the Modern railing model is the perfect choice to harmoniously delineate your space. Its fluidity naturally integrates a classic style while the sturdiness of the Modern railing blends well with the clear glass panels.

A Zen Moment

In a lean living space, the Zen railing model holds the centre stage by letting bright daylight flow inside. And what can be said of its impact outdoors? An awe-inspiring view awaits as its refined metal structure disappears in the landscape. The Zen railing offers a pressure-moulded base which is combined with a 6 mm clear tempered glass.