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A custom-tailored balcony constitutes one of the elements that will truly make your house stand out from your neighbours’ homes. Along with being one of the components that give an undeniable added value to the finished look of your home, a tailored balcony will add a refined touch to the architectural style you’ve chosen.

We will assist you with your project from start to end. From the plan design, to building and the final installation, we will complete the project by your side.


Project Completion Steps

The Design

Before getting started, we need to know details concerning your needs, your lifestyle, your general environment and the position of your house. Each detail that you give us will help add elements to the design concept of your balcony so we can offer a product that will enhance your home’s appearance and its environment.

The Estimate

Following the design of your balcony, we establish the construction costs scale so we can give you the most accurate estimate possible. We harmonize style and materials to offer you your dream product, always adjusted to your requirements and wishes. Once this step is completed, planning the work schedule begins.

Manufacturing Your Product

Once you’ve accepted the timeframe, manufacturing can begin. This is when your project unfolds and takes shape. Throughout the production and finishing of the different parts of your balcony, we will carefully track how the project is progressing to meet the established deadlines.

Quality Control

Before proceeding with the installation, we carry out a careful inspection of each component to be delivered. Then, we control the installation itself to avoid leaving anything to chance. We make it a point to go beyond industry standards and we meet our commitments by guaranteeing you a superior quality product and outstanding service.

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