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The enclosure

The enclosure in question must prevent the passage of a spherical object 10 cm in diameter, be at least 1.2 meters high and have no protrusion, fixing or perforated part allowing climbing.


Embankments and vegetation such as hedges and shrubs can not be used as enclosures.

Adjacent building

The wall of a building can not serve as an enclosure if it has an opening (door, patio door, window).


Every door installed in the enclosure must be equipped with a safety device installed on the inside of the enclosure, in the upper part of the door and allowing to close and lock automatically.

Filter and pump

Any appliance related to the operation of the swimming pool (filter, pump, etc.) must be installed at least 1 meter from the pool wall or, where applicable, at least 1 meter from the outside of the enclosure.


Swimming pool accessories, such as ladders, platforms, sledges or any other structures related to the use of swimming pools, except the pool filter, must be at least 1.5 m from the side lines and back of field and 4 m from the front line of ground.


It is your responsibility to check with your insurer and your municipality the standards you must respect for the installation of a pool.


See the pool

The enclosure

An above-ground pool with a minimum height of 1.2 meters or a removable swimming pool with a minimum height of 1.4 meters does not have to be surrounded by an enclosure when access to such a pool is made thanks to :


A ladder equipped with a safety door closing and locking automatically.


A ladder or platform equipped with an enclosure as described above.


A terrace attached to the residence and arranged so that its part giving access to the pool is equipped with a speaker as described above.

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