We are pleased to offer you are conventional warraties that cover the quality of our products.

20 year warranty

The materials used in the manufacture of handrails, balconies or exterior siding that are made from 100% aluminum are fully covered by a guarantee of TWENTY (20) YEARS. This warranty applies to defects as to quality of materials which may come from a defect in material or workmanship and / or design. It also covers any damage caused by rust.


Our 20 year waranty covers the quality of the products we provide. So, are expressly excluded from this warranty :

  • The alteration of the colors of the materials caused by time or by the ultra-violet rays;
  • Nevertheless the painting features the «PPG» warranty;
  • Glass handrails;
  • Fibreglass;
  • The joint scellant of the balconies.

Our 5 year warranty

This warranty covers only the following elements :

  • Balconies and stairs including the fibre glass stringer;
  • Installation.

*Any modification or installation of hardware (nails, screws), drilling, application of stain or paint or any other component must not have the effect of causing damage to the warrantied materials or alter its initial properties. If such were the case, such damage is not covered by our warranties.

Similarly, any damage caused by a result of handling and/or misuse, lack of maintenance, or vandalism is not covered by our warranties.

In addition, warranties herein may vary if the items sold and/or installed have been part of a commercial project and not a consumer as defined by law. In the context of commercial projects with a contractor, the warranty is limited to 5 years. Structural demolition and relocation of elements other than products signed Les Aluminiums Williams are not part of the guarantee.

All claims must be reported within 15 days of the date of discovery of the defect in writing and accompanied by the original sales recipt and the coordinates of the place where the items are installed at :
Aluminium Williams Inc.,
119, rue Des Pins à Saint-Alphonse de Granby,
province de Québec (J0E 2A0).

Thank you for your trust.